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1 - 55 Capacity - 60€ - 119€ / person and night (aprox.)

Capacity and prices

Capacity from 1 to 55 People.
We have 25 rooms from 60 € to 119 € / person and night (aprox.) - See prices

Accommodation facilities

  • Specials: Accommodations with pool, For disabled people, Accommodations with WiFi.
  • Outside: Garden, Parking, Swimming pool, Vegetable Garden, Terrace.
  • Inside: Bedding, Televisión, Lift, Television in the room, Toallas, Air-conditioning, Hairdryer, Cot, En-suite bathroom.
  • Services: Guided walks, Dinner service, Restaurant, Discount for longer stays, Lunch service, Bar, Free WiFi access, Telephone, Bike rental, Internet, Breakfast service.
  • Situation: Isolated area.
  • Languages: Bilingual staff, Español.

In the Lecrín Valley (Granada, Spain), an extraordinary beautiful location with unique environmental conditions, you will find our complex Hacienda Señorío de Nevada. You will enjoy all of the charm of an accommodation among the vineyards in our four-star hotel with 25 rooms. You will be surprised at the range of great meals on offer at the restaurant. In addition, Hacienda Señorío de Nevada is an ideal location for any business meeting or event.


Accommodation description

Hacienda Señorío de Nevada

Situated at the head of the Lecrín Valley, just fifteen minutes from Granada on the way to the nearby Costa Tropical, this Hacienda, or country estate, enjoys one of the most surprising settings in Andalusia. Surrounded by fields of vines and lying at the feet of the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada, the landscape, bathed in Mediterranean light, hypnotizes visitors.

Here on our estate you can enjoy natural surroundings, fine cuisine, the comforts of our hotel and guided tours of our vineyards and winery. At Hacienda Señorío de Nevada you can do as much or as little as you like.



Designed by the architect Jesús del Valle, our hotel has twenty-five rooms, all with excellent views of our vineyards and the summits of the Sierra Nevada.

The hotel offers four-star services, with internet, LED televisions, shower and bath in all rooms, and high quality modern decor. Our attention to detail ensures that you have an extremely enjoyable stay.

Our commitment to the environment means that we use an air-conditioning and hot-water system which run off solar energy and biomass.



Imagine a bright, organic space, from which you look out over an endless sea of vines to snow-capped peaks, bathed in marvelous Mediterranean light. Imagine that at that moment you catch the scent of the rain-dampened earth, taste the flavour of wild mushrooms from the wood, and savour the textured richness of scallops or the smoothness of slow-cooked veal. Such is our restaurant at Señorío de Nevada, where our chef has made the dining experience is enjoyed with all five senses.



When you celebrate events at Hacienda Señorío de Nevada you can be sure that everything turns out perfectly. As such, hosts and guest alike can enjoy these events, and you will always remember them with a smile. Our wine cellars, rooms, courtyards and terraces have become a benchmark for excellence in an unforgettable setting. We offer spaces of different sizes and characters to cater to your every need.

Catering for events is provided from our hotel restaurant, which guarantees excellence no matter what menu you choose.



Señorío de Nevada has become a benchmark of quality wines from the Tierra de Granada wine production area. Our winery, which lies at the feet of the Sierra Nevada and enjoys the influence of the Costa Tropical, benefits from a special microclimate and from soils which have a unique mineral content. Starting from these conditions, and using the grape varieties of Cabernet, Merlot, Tempranillo, Syrah, Petit Verdot and Garnacha, we produce delicious aromatic wines which have their own distinctive personality.

Our winery tours tell the story from vine to bottle. Find out about ageing wines in barrels, discover the bottling process, visit our fields of vines, enjoy the unbeatable views of the Sierra Nevada and finish your tour with a glass of Señorío de Nevada wine. All in all, this is a memorable experience.

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