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Frequently Asked Questions

If I am an OWNER...

How I can publish my accommodation?

To register a property in Ibérica Turismo you need to complete the registration form as the owner. Once registered, log into your Ownwer’s Area with your access data, where you can publish as mansy accommodations as you want.

If during the process of Admission you have any problem, please contact us through the following email:

Is it necessary to be registered?

In Ibérica Turismo we care about the accuracy and quality of information on the accommodations we offer. The only way to ensure that ads are posted by real people, not robots, is that we have the record as a necessary condition.
However, registration is very fast, and completely free. It will not take more than two minutes to be a user of Ibérica Turismo.

Is it necessary to fill in all fields to register the property?

Certain fields are not mandatory. However, the more information you have at your accommodation, as well as images, the more likely users are to contact you.

And the map?

When you fill in all information (Property address, town and province) the coordinates of your accommodation will be automatically calculated to place it in the location map.
It is convenient to review the coordinates obtained since being an automatic process, it can not fully correspond to your actual location.

GPS Coordinates

GPS Coordinates will not be automatically calculated, if you want they appear in the file of your accommodation, it is necessary to enter them manually.


StreetView lets us show our accommodation as if we were walking next to it. It is very important that travellers can easily find their accommodation.

How much does it cost to register my accommodation?

To publish an accommodation is free, and can enter as many accommodations as you wish.

Can I delete comments or opinions of my accommodation?

This topic is a bit delicate. We know that owners do not often like comments too much, but they are very useful for travellers searching for accommodation.
You as the owner, can answer every traveller’s comment if necessary. Likewise, if a comment is offensive you can report so that our administrators review it and will be removed if considered inappropriate.

Is my information secure?

In Ibérica Turismo we care about the safety of the information stored. So when we collect your personal information when you register a new accommodation or modify the data we use a 256 bit secure connection, using a secure SSL certificate.
You will know you are in a safe area because in the browser, in the bottom right, a picture of a padlock appears. Clicking on it you will receive information about encryption of the page.
Also, at the bottom of each page in Ibérica Turismo there is Information about the certificate provider. Clicking on the icon you will be informed of the registrant, the certificate expiration date, etc.

If I seek accommodation...

Do I have to be registered?

You can perform searches, consult accommodations and contact with owners without being registered anywhere.
However, in order to reduce spam, you must be registered to make comments for an accommodation. Registration is free and it will take no more than two minutes.

Can I trust in an accommodation?

In Ibérica Turismo we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of information of accommodations. This implies that , if we receive bad reports of a particular accommodation, we will investigate to make sure they are well founded, and proceed to remove it from our listings if there is certainty that our policy of accommodations has failed.
However, since we are not the owners of the accommodation, it is convenient to ensure the chosen destination before booking or payment.

The following suggestions may help you determine which accommodation choose for your holidays:

  • Accommodations with photographs.
  • Accommodations with updated calendar occupation.
  • Read the descriptions of accommodations carefully. The more detailed the better.
  • Contact the owner by email or telephone. Ask for all the information you need to know, and ask all your questions.

If despite following these recommendations you have problems with the accommodation, photographs or descriptions do not match the specification, or the price shown is not respected, please report us. We will make every effort to verify the accuracy of the ad and, thus, maintain the quality of the accommodations offered.

If I am a TRAVELLER...

What can I do as a traveller?

Register as a traveller is free and quick, it hardly takes a few minutes to register with Ibéricaturismo.
As a traveller you can interact socially with other users, as well as the accommodation themselves and their owners.

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